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Canine Behaviour in Mind: Applying Behavioural Science to Our Lives with Dogs


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691 in stock

Suzanne Rogers


Intended for dog owners who want to learn more, Canine Behaviour in Mind provides practical ideas that can be incorporated in daily interactions with dogs.

Canine Behaviour in Mind presents advice on behavioural change in achievable and creative ways. It examines how the way we live and work with dogs may need adjusting to promote positive behavioural change in the animal as well as better welfare.

Case studies with experts are included to guide readers in real-world situations. Scientific research is combined with trainer experience to ensure that the book has science at its heart and provides content of interest to a wide range of dog owners and professionals.

Equine Behaviour in Mind by the same editor has garnered some unique reviews. Canine Behaviour in Mind follows the same format, relating dog behaviour to dog ownership.





  1. Daily Care
  2. Breeding
  3. Training
  4. Activities
  5. Teaching
  6. The Older Dog
  7. Rehabilitation and Rescue
  8. Vets
  9. Non-Veterinary Professionals
  10. Assistance Dogs
  11. Human Behaviour in Mind
  12. Other Topics

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