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Let’s collaborate

We love to collaborate. Combining the best of your organization with the best of ours benefits you, benefits us and benefits all our customers and stakeholders.

‘Big things have small beginnings’ – some of our most substantial collaborations arise from a chance conversation or an introduction from a mutual contact and go on to become longstanding synergies, such as the book series we publish with the European Association of Fish Pathologists, the forthcoming series with the Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law Veterinary Association (AWSELVA) and our book tie-in to the exciting Six Inches of Soil documentary film.

Please reach out to us at to discuss your challenges and to see how we can help.


Have you or your organization published a book or substantial report and want it to reach more people? 5m offers trade distribution services for non-fiction agriculture, aquaculture and veterinary books and those covering related disciplines.

We will promote them via our channels to the trade (including Amazon), academic and library markets, and take care of warehousing and fulfilment, billing and reporting. We can either take in your existing stock or provide print services (short runs or print on demand). If closely aligned to our subjects, we’d be delighted to also sell them on our website and at events and shows we may attend.

Publication services

Do you or your organization need a book for a specific purpose? Perhaps to support the training courses you provide or to showcase research supporting and promoting your products and services. Email us at to find out more.

We have the expertise to develop your content into a professionally prepared publication, whether for print or online circulation, allowing you to concentrate on achieving your goals.

Publication services can be combined with distribution as needed, or we can return to you the print ready and online files you need to finalize your project with your chosen suppliers.

Society/professional organization discounts

Providing your members and customers with access to authoritative and professionally produced resources can be challenging. Engaging with societies, charities and organizations working in the same fields as 5m is rewarding for us and provides a benefit to your members. We’d be delighted to set up an exclusive discount arrangement for you. Drop us a line at

Mutually beneficial promotion

There are many other ways we can work together perhaps events, social media collaborations or other forms of promotion. There will be others neither you nor we have thought of yet. So, drop us a line and introduce yourself and let’s see where the conversation takes us:

Here are a few of the companies and organizations we delighted to collaborate with.