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eBooks FAQ

All our eBooks are provided by our partner Glassboxx.

Accessing your eBook

eBooks bought from the 5m Books website are fulfilled via the FREE Glassboxx app.

Simply download the app (on iOS devices, Android devices, and PCs) and you’ll be able to access the eBooks you have bought from the Glassboxx app. 

Downloading requires an initial internet connection, but once downloaded, your books can be enjoyed offline.

It’s Simple! Here’s How to Do It:

To access your eBook once you’ve made a purchase from

Download the Glassboxx App on your phone or tablet

Or on your PC

Or on your MAC:

  • Download the dmg file:
  • Double click the file to open the installer.
  • Drag the Glassboxx icon into your Applications folder.
  • Go to Applications and click on the Glassboxx icon.
  • Click Open on the confirmation message.

Register by creating a login using the same email address that you used for your purchase.

You will see your purchased book under “MY BOOKS” in the app.

  • Tapping on the cover image will open the eBook player.
  • Please allow about 10 minutes for the eBook to be available for download within the Glassboxx app.

To download Glassboxx for iOS, CLICK HERE | Glassboxx for Android, CLICK HERE | Glassboxx for your PC, CLICK HERE | Glassboxx for MAC, CLICK HERE


eBook returns

Due to the digital nature of the product, we cannot accept eBook returns.

Need help?

For help using the Glassboxx apps, please go to their FAQ page.