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The Dog Care Handbook – Self-help Book for Thoughtful Dog Owners

Many dog owners find that visiting the vet is stressful and costly. The outcomes can sometimes be unsatisfactory. Every dog owner should be able to find a vet they can trust who will respect their perspective and work within their budget.

The Dog Care Handbook focuses on helping dog owners with questions regarding their pet dogs, whilst trying to find common ground between them and veterinarians, so that they can both equally have a say in treatment for the animal.

The text covers the entire lifespan of pet dogs from puppyhood to old age, in chronological order. Preventative health is covered in detail. Major conditions of the skin, the heart, the joints, the kidneys and other organs are explained fully in lay language. One chapter deals specifically with emergencies, another with home nursing, a third covers old age.

Colourful anecdotes and case examples are sprinkled throughout. Numerous illustrations are provided which make it easy to medicate the reader’s dog or provide first-aid. The information and advice in this book are based on up-to-date scientific evidence where-ever possible. When there is a paucity of knowledge the author gives his own perspective based on years of clinical practice in the UK.

No other book for the public provides such a wide-ranging remit covering the health and well-being of pet dogs. A self-help book written for thoughtful dog owners, it will improve their knowledge of dogs, their relationship with their vet and their understanding of important and common diseases that dogs might develop.

Dr Christopher Little is a retired veterinary clinician, with more than 40 years of practice. He has a RCVS Diploma in Veterinary Cardiology and is a RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology.



The Dog Care Handbook was released on the 31st of March and is available on Amazon and on at the links below.


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