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To Vet School and Beyond: A Guide for Young, Aspiring Vets


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Lorna Clark

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Are you looking for a reliable guide for young aspiring vets? From a young age many children express an interest in becoming a vet. However, the classic representation of the profession no longer fits with the realities of a modern veterinary career. Children in the 8–12 age group are encouraged to think about career options through dedicated syllabus programmes at Key Stages 2 and 3 and GCSE choices later on, but there is no veterinary career book for this age group.

To Vet School and Beyond is the ideal guide for young aspiring vets, written in an easy-to-read format, enabling the book to be a point of reference right through from pre-GSCE to A level. Bold and interactive, with plenty of illustrations and sub-sections, the book is a fresh and modern perspective on the veterinary career.

For children who are curious about the veterinary world. This fun and approachable book introduces, through profiles of real vets, the different sectors beyond the familiar small animal/family vet practice in which veterinarians can work, such as research, fish veterinary, zoo medicine and charity work. It also provides some guidance in how to study to get into veterinary school.

To Vet School and Beyond is one of our vocational books for aspiring veterinarians, as well as So You Want to Be a Vet and The New Vet’s Handbook.


  1. So You Think You Want To Be A Vet?
  2. How Being a Vet Has Changed
  3. Things to Consider – The Good, The Bad and The Mediocre
  4. To Vet School
  5. And Beyond
  6. Being a Small Animal Vet
  7. Being a Charity Vet
  8. Being an Emergency Vet
  9. Being a Referral Vet
  10. Being an Equine Vet
  11. Being a Farm Animal Vet
  12. Being a Locum Vet
  13. Being a Poultry Vet
  14. Being a Zoo Vet
  15. Being a Fish Vet
  16. Being a Research Vet
  17. Being a Vet in Education
  18. Being a Vet in the Industry
  19. Being a Vet in Africa
  20. Being a Government Veterinary Officer
  21. Memorable and Intresting Cases
  22. Reach for the Stars

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