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The Veterinary Book for Beef Farmers


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Roger Scott and Lee-Anne Oliver



The Veterinary Book for Beef Farmers is a comprehensive forage-to-fork book on beef farming that delivers veterinary level information to farmers and farm-related information to vets. The Veterinary Book for Beef Farmers is a complete guide to farming cattle for protein emphasising good practice, herd health management and disease prevention.

The book begins with an introduction to the beef industry, moving on to health management through cattle life stages – neonatal health, weaned calf health etc. The next section covers disease and production problems through the same life stage format – disease problems in the breeding bull for example. Section 4 covers the monitoring and measurement of disease on the farm and the final section presents the business management of beef farming employing the balanced scorecard method as a management measurement tool. The emphasis throughout is on health maintenance and long term sustainable farming.

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Lee-Anne Oliver is Partner at Scott Mitchell Associates and Director of CPD Actif.

Roger Scott is Managing Partner at Scott Mitchell Associates and Founder & Director of CPD Actif.


  1. An introduction to the beef industry
  2. The health and management of the beef herd
  3. Disease and production failure in the beef herd
  4. Measuring and monitoring health, disease, production and efficiency in the beef herd
  5. Beef business management and development
  6. Miscellaneous

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ISBN 9781789181197
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Publication date 31-May-21
Dimensions 246 × 189 mm
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