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The Management of Pet Obesity


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Victoria Bowes, Helen Coleman


The Management of Pet Obesity provides veterinary practitioners with essential information on obesity-related topics for small animals, exotic animals and pet birds.

Topics covered include:

• The causes and incidence of obesity

• The nutritional requirements of a range of animals

• Body condition scoring and assessment

• Co-morbidities such as diabetes

• An independent overview of feeding options and species-specific guidance

The Management of Pet Obesity is ideal for veterinary nurses, student veterinary nurses and animal nutritionists approaching the complex topic of pet obesity. It will also be of interest to pet owners and anyone in the position of giving advice or guidance on pet nutrition and weight management.




  1. Introduction
  2. The Nutrient Revolution
  3. Common Misconceptions of Feeding
  4. Weight Management Clinics
  5. Diet-Related Disease
  6.  Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  7. Assessment of Available Diets
  8. Basic Overview of the Digestive System
  9. Feeding Commonly Kept Small Companion Animals
  10. Feeding Commonly Kept Exotic Pets
  11. Feeding Commonly Kept Pet Birds
  12. Conclusion

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