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The Canine Commandments 2nd Edition


Kendal Shepherd

Illustrated by Anna Currey


The Canine Commandments guides children, and the adults they live with, to interact more safely with dogs and to minimise the risk of a bite.

The ‘commandments’ are simple to understand and relevant to all children, whether they already live with a dog or not.

This revised second edition of Kendal Shepherd’s well known book on dog behaviour includes her famous ladder of aggression and additional new features – quizzes, learning objectives and a glossary – to further engage children, and to support discussion and teaching in classroom settings.

Kendal Shepherd is a veterinary surgeon who has studied canine behaviour for many years. Her passion is the prevention of dog bite incidents in all ages, but particularly in children.

This new edition has been beautifully illustrated by acclaimed artist Anna Currey.



Introduction for children

Introduction for parents, guardians and teachers

Safety first

1          Being cross does not make you the boss

2          Any dog may bite if he feels in danger

3          Never hit or kick a dog

4          Do not touch a dog you don’t know

5          Do not tease or deliberately excite a dog

6          Dogs do not know the difference between right and wrong

7          Behaviours that dogs enjoy will be repeated

8          Dogs must be taught what you want them to do and they must choose to do it

9          Do not take anything away from a dog

10        When dogs are being ‘bad’, they need the most help, not the most punishment

11        Get your dog used to your life

12        Teach your dog to say ‘please’

The Ladder of Aggression

How to Help Dogs Avoid Going Up Ladders

The Human Ladder of Aggression

Learning objectives



Further reading and resources

Additional information

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    Loved the original and this looks even better. So looking forward to getting it

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