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Supporting Pet Owners Through Grief


Ryane E. Englar, Jill B. Englar and Teresa Graham Brett



Supporting Pet Owners Through Grief provides practitioners and students alike with tools to better understand grief and its impact on the human-animal bond. Veterinary team members will also learn how to navigate their own mix of emotions as they themselves experience and process recurrent grief that can contribute to compassion fatigue and burnout.

Supporting Pet Owners Through Grief is Ryane Englar’s 4th book published with 5m, following:

Read the author’s interview about the book here.


  1. Beyond Self: Animal–Animal Interactions, Human–Animal Interactions,
    and the Evolution of the Human–Animal Bond
  2. The Circle of Life and Loss: An Introduction to Grief and Grieving
  3. The Multifaceted Impact of Grief: Normal Reactions and Responses
    Among the Bereaved
  4. Children, Adolescence, and Grief
  5. Complicated Grief
  6. Disenfranchised Grief: The Invisible Wound
  7. When the Loss of a Companion Animal isn’t Recognized:
    Pet Loss as a Unique Form of Disenfranchised Grief
  8. Suffering, Quality of Life, Anticipatory Grief, and Pet
    Loss: Preparing for the Ultimate Goodbye
  9. Shared Decision-Making Before, During, and After Euthanasia
  10. When Loss is Sudden, Traumatic, or Otherwise Unanticipated
  11. When Caring Hurts: Acknowledging Burnout, Addressing Compassion
    Fatigue, and Building Resilience
  12. End-of-Chapter Reflection Questions: Written in partnership with
    Teresa Graham Brett, JD
  13. Poems
  14. Stories

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Publication date 19-Oct-23
Dimensions 234 × 156 mm
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