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Salmon Farming


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Odd-ivar Lekang

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Aquaculture production is expanding worldwide in both volume and scope, with a number of new species being introduced to aquaculture every year. Salmon Farming provides an overview of aquaculture production systems focusing on Atlantic salmon farming, which will enable users to:

  • produce broodstock, juveniles and adult fish
  •  develop a production plan for juvenile and ongrowing farms
  • evaluate and optimize the key working operations on juvenile and ongrowing farms
  • identify the factors that are important for economic and sustainable production
  • identify the factors that affect the rate of production, how these factors can be changed, and what effects such changes have
  • adopt the best procedures for season-independent smolt production
  • understand water quality requirements and evaluate the suitability based on water analysis
  • prepare documents for production control and propose amendments
  • prepare working plans for smolt production and ongrowing production farms
  • establish maintenance routines/plans for smolt production and ongrowing production
  • estimate the investment and running cost for the main components of smolt and ongrowing farms
  • remain up to date with the laws and regulations that need to be considered in aquaculture production planning internationally
  • stay abreast of new trends in the industry.

Salmon Farming gives an overview of aquaculture production systems focusing on Atlantic salmon farming. However, much of the subject coverage and overall structure of the book are directly transferable to other species, with much of the core of the book being species-independent and applicable internationally.


Associate Professor Odd-Ivar Lekang teaches Aquaculture Production and Aquaculture Engineering at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He also researches in aquaculture production system, and is author of the book Aquaculture Engineering, the standard work on the subject, now in its third edition.


  1. Introduction
  2. The world salmon industry
  3. The history of salmon farming
  4. Salmon biology
  5. Broodstock and the broodstock farm
  6. Eyed eggs and start feeding
  7. Fry to smolt
  8. Ongrowing to harvesting
  9. Production planning and management
  10. Feeding
  11. Health, diseases and disorders in salmon farming
  12. Breeding
  13. Future trends – salmon farming of tomorrow


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  1. Dr Lesley McEvoy, UHI Shetland

    There are very few books like this that detail the new technologies and methods now available for salmon farming

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