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Nutritional Fish and Shrimp Pathology: A Handbook


Albert Tacon and Loc Tran

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Correct nutrition in farmed animals is essential to healthy stock and an economically sustainable high yield. In aquaculture, nutrition is particularly important as the costs of feed can be 40 or 50% of total production costs. In recent years, the aquaculture feed industry has advanced rapidly with the introduction of many commercially available feeds containing scientifically formulated and balanced diets to enhance growth and yield in specific species. Many feeds also now include ingredients aimed particularly at enhancement of stock health.

The field of nutritional pathology is concerned with the study of those health disorders and ailments which result from nutrient deficiencies or dietary imbalances. This exciting new book provides an up-to-date and user-friendly practical guide on nutritional pathology in the main commercially farmed species of fish and shrimp.

Nutritional Fish and Shrimp Pathology:

  • includes an overview of the importance of nutrition in health management and the interaction between culture system, disease and the environment
  • covers disorders in protein nutrition, lipid nutrition, mineral nutrition and vitamin nutrition
  • encompasses comprehensive details of endogenous plant anti-nutritional factors, exogenous feed contaminants, and feed biosecurity.

Nutritional Fish and Shrimp Pathology: A Handbook is an ideal resource for personnel within the aquaculture industry and suppliers to the industry. Particularly personnel within animal feed companies and animal health companies, especially any scientist responsible for feed formulation within animal feed companies.


Fish farm managers and technicians will also find it useful, as well as companies providing fish feeding equipment, personnel within universities and research establishments where aquaculture is studied and taught, including biochemists, chemists, biological scientists, fish pathologists, food and feed scientists, nutritionists, fish veterinarians, animal scientists and aquaculture scientists. Moreover, the proposed book provides a reference for students who are taking up courses such as Fish Nutritional Biochemistry, Fish Health, and Fish Nutrition and Feed Formulation, amongst others.

This is part of the European Association of Fish Pathologies / 5m Books series, including:


Dr Albert G.J. Tacon is Owner & Founder of Aquahana LLC, and works as an international consultant, specializing in aquatic feeds and nutrition.

Dr Loc Tran teaches at Nong Lam University and is Lab Director of ShrimpVet Lab, Minh Phu AquaMekong, Vietnam.


1. Introduction
2. Disorders in protein and amino acid nutrition
3. Disorders in lipid nutrition
4. Disorders in mineral nutrition
5. Disorders in vitamin nutrition
6. Anti-nutritional factors in feed ingredients
7. Feed contaminants

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