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Neighs and Whispers: A study of contact and communication with horses


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Anahí Zlotnik

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The horse is an animal that has accompanied man since the earliest times. For him, the horse has always symbolized different qualities either in his daily life, at work, leisure, in dreams and in the spiritual world. We should remember that horses are present in numerous holy books of Central Asia and the Far East. Goodness of heart and dignity, strength and spirit, speed and balance, are some of the qualities that may arise when one observes a wild colt.

This simple but profound book represents a bridge towards that mystery of strength and intelligence that is the horse. It is a valuable contribution to the serious study of animal behaviour and an excellent metaphor in which the horse represents instinct and intuition, while the author represents the eye of science that is, in this case, subtle, tender and kind.

This book shares information regarding the way horses communicate and how we can understand what is happening to them. There are personal anecdotes and stories about experiences with ill-treated horses, their rehabilitation work, how to read their signs without misinterpreting, and some basic techniques to begin a different relationship with our quadruped friends.

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