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Mycotoxins in Aquaculture


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Gonçalves; Muccio; Müller

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With the current trend for the replacement of the fishmeal content of aquaculture feeds, the issue of antinutrients contained in plant-based materials is of growing concern in aquaculture production. Mycotoxins are known antinutrients; however, their role in aquaculture feeds has still to be fully elucidated. The interest of the scientific community towards these toxic metabolites is increasing, with a large number of recently published studies.

Mycotoxins in Aquaculture is a comprehensive guide, commencing with a chapter covering general concepts, to help the reader to become familiar with the topic. The book then proceeds to cover the potential implications of the presence of mycotoxins, with chapters on aquatic species defense mechanisms, mycotoxins in aquaculture and in feeds, the analysis of mycotoxin content in commodities and feeds, and fighting mycotoxins. This important book brings together the authors��� experience from work with terrestrial animals to identify the targets of these antinutrients in aquatic species.

Mycotoxins in Aquaculture aims to help producers in their daily challenges and, at the same time, to contribute to the scientific community, by offering a new tool to whoever is approaching aquaculture in this era of finite resources.

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  1. Sam

    This book does a great job of summing up the latest research and scientific importance of mycotoxins for the aqua sector. Congrats to the authors.

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