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Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture: A Practical Guide


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Edited by Sandra Shumway



Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture is a useable manual for all those interested in an up-to-date introduction to the field. Each of the major cultured species of commercial importance is covered, providing cutting-edge information of practical use to all those involved in shellfish aquaculture.

The book’s editor and chapter authors are among the most widely known and respected authorities working in the industry and academia. Species covered include mussels, clams, oysters (including pearl oysters), scallops, cephalopods, abalone and gastropods. Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture contains a huge wealth of information of great use for personnel working in the industry, with chapters covering site selection, hatchery construction, disease, biofouling, best management practice and certification.


  1. Farming Oysters for food and profit
  2. Clam aquaculture
  3. Culture of giant clams
  4. Scallop aquaculture
  5. Mussel aquaculture
  6. Abalone aquaculture
  7. Conch aquaculture: queen conch, Lobatus gigas, and fighting conch, Strombus
  8. Culture of the carnivorous marine snail, Concholepas concholepas
  9. Pearl oyster culture and pearl production
  10. Site selection for molluscan shellfish aquaculture
  11. Water and shellfish quality concerns for commercial bivalve shellfish aquaculture
  12. Design and construction considerations for a molluscan hatchery
  13. Algal culture for shellfish aquaculture
  14. Genetics in shellfish culture
  15. Shellfish diseases
  16. Control of biofouling
  17. Shellfish farming: regulations, spatial planning, best practices, and certification
  18. Enviornmental and social certification of aquaculture
  19. Marketing
  20. Business planning for aquaculture

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ISBN 9781789180107
Page extent 448
Product type HB
Publication date 30-Jun-21
Dimensions 246 × 189 mm
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3 reviews for Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture: A Practical Guide

  1. John A. Hargreaves

    “The authors and editor are to be commended for bridging the gap between an academic, research-oriented approach and a practical, on-farm, nuts-and-bolts approach by providing an excellent overview of state-of-the-science practices and technologies” – John A. Hargreaves, Editor-in-Chief, World Aquaculture

  2. Nicki Holmyard

    “A highly readable and comprehensive overview of the biology, culture techniques and harvesting methods used for a host of shellfish species” – Nicki Holmyard, Fish Farmer

  3. Janet H. Brown

    “A usable text for those interested in an up-to-date introduction to the field and a guide for those who decide to join the aquaculture industry” – Janet H. Brown, The Grower

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