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Managing Breeds for a Secure Future 2nd Edition: Strategies for Breeders and Breed Associations


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201 in stock

Phillip Sponenberg; Beranger


Bringing together the experience of three top academic experts in breeding procedure, this up-to-date second edition of Managing Breeds for a Secure Future examines breeding and genetics at a level accessible to all. This new edition has been revised to cover emerging debates in animal breeding and includes domestic species such as dogs and horses.

The authors skilfully use a clear discussion of theoretical genetics to explain its practical applications to a wide audience of livestock and domestic animal breeders. Specific examples are provided throughout to illustrate how decisions regarding breeding and management relate back to genetic theory.

Advice is given on all areas pertaining to the process of responsible breed management from selecting pairs and mating systems to registry functions and long-term management. Current topics of interest covered include: breeding for robustness and disease resistance, international movement of livestock, and preserving endangered breeds. Breed associations are also discussed in depth with particular emphasis on how reducing common conflicts can secure the future of breeds for generations to come.

This practical book offers a comprehensive examination of breeding practices aimed at livestock and dog breeders of all abilities and experience levels.

The first edition was published by The Livestock Conservancy.


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ISBN 9781910455760
Product type HB
Publication date 23-Mar-17
Dimensions 243 × 172 mm

2 reviews for Managing Breeds for a Secure Future 2nd Edition: Strategies for Breeders and Breed Associations

  1. JAVMA Review

    ‘The second edition of Managing Breeds for a Secure Future is an excellent resource for breed conservation and management… The authors, who have extensive experience working with breeders and breed organizations, provide practical recommendations that cover theoretical, political, and organizational aspects of breed preservation… This book is important reading for any veterinarian, breeder, or owner interested in the hands-on management of breeding and breed conservation.’ – Jerold S. Bell, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

  2. Barbara Thiel, Unsere Windhunde

    ‘I wish “Managing Breeds” a wide distribution in breeders’ circles, and I particularly recommend it to everyone who is entrusted with higher-level breeding decisions.’

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