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Largemouth Bass Aquaculture


Tidwell; Coyle; Bright

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Largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) are highly prized as sports fish and increasingly as high-value food fish. The farming of largemouth bass is becoming increasingly important and international as the procedures and management for successful culture are being refined. Largemouth bass aquaculture is now widespread across the USA and increasingly in other countries worldwide: the largemouth bass aquaculture industry in China is particularly strong.

Largemouth Bass Aquaculture provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the farming of largemouth bass, with chapters encompassing all major areas of importance, including: their history, production, environment requirements, reproduction, culture methods, diseases and major markets. Many of the world experts in the field have contributed chapters to this landmark publication and the editors are very well-known and respected worldwide. The book is fully international in scope, drawing information from all major countries where largemouth bass are farmed.

Largemouth Bass Aquaculture is an important resource for those working in aquaculture, including fish farm operatives and managers, veterinarians and fish health managers, inspectors and consultants. Personnel within companies supplying the aquaculture industry with feed, technical equipment and pharmaceuticals will find a wealth of useful information within this book. Libraries in all universities and establishments teaching and researching aquaculture, fish biology, ichthyology, fisheries, aquatic sciences and veterinary studies should have copies of this comprehensive book on their shelves.

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