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Handbook of Calf Health and Management


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Sophie Mahendran



Handbook of Calf Health and Management is a guide authored by veterinarians with years of experience in both practice and research. The focus is on rearing a calf for optimal health and enhanced productivity, with a focus on welfare and best practice.

Handbook of Calf Health and Management: A Guide to Best Practice Care for Calves employs a lifecycle approach to management, seeing the calf through from conception to bulling age. Topics covered include feeding strategies and feeding behaviour, hygiene, weaning, grazing, husbandry advice and disease management. The approach throughout is of animal and keeper working together. The information presented has a solid research foundation and is evidence based and up to date. Practical tips from the authors’ own experience are also included.

This is a must have book for cattle veterinarians, veterinary students, farmers and stock-people with an interest in calf management.


Sophie Mahendran, BVMedSci, BVMBVS(hons), MSc, DipECBHM, MRCVS, is lecturer in Farm Animal Health and Welfare at the Royal Veterinary College, UK.


  1. Pregnancy and the Pre-partum Environment
  2. Calving
  3. Colostrum Management
  4. Calf Housing and the Environment
  5. Feeding the Pre-Weaned Calf
  6. Monitoring Growth and the Weaning Period
  7. Care of the Post-Weaning Calf
  8. Calf Health Management
  9. Dairy Sourced Beef
  10. Economics of Calf Rearing


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