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Foals and Young Horses: Training and Management for a Well-behaved Horse


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Ute Ochsenbauer; Beate Schmidtle

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Foals imprint on their mothers and are guided by instinct. But over time they get accustomed to humans and can be reared to become trusting, faithful playmates and companions. Therefore, establishing good behaviour at the outset is fundamental to creating a well-adjusted adult horse.

The authors, using their extensive experience and personal stories, explain how to balance natural behaviour with training methods to develop a well-behaved horse. The approach is knowledgeable and patient and is based on mutual respect between horse and rider. Key exercises are explained in the text by a great variety of photos, and can also be used with older horses. Practical topics covered include vaccination, hoofcare, herd behaviour, feeding and housing. The reader is guided through the health, well-being, training, education and attitude of the first three years of a horse’s life, with a focus on building trust throughout.

Foals and Young Horses is a good companion guide for horse owners, riders and especially breeders. It will also be of interest to equine science students and para-professionals.

Ute Ochsenbauer is a horse trainer and breeder with over thirty years of experience of the day-to-day handling of foals and young horses.

Beate Schmidtlein is a horse breeder and stud manager with decades of experience. Over the years she has devised a very gentle programme of rearing and weaning for her foals.

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