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Dog Bites: A Multidisciplinary Perspective


D. S. Mills; C. Westgarth


The issue of dog bites and dog aggression directed at humans is frequently in the media. However, scientific research and evidence on the subject is scattered and sparse. Public and political opinions are often misinformed and out of proportion to the extent of the problem. Experts who have researched into the many facets involved in the subject have not so far pooled their knowledge together.

Dog Bites aims to bring together expert knowledge of the current situation from a wide variety of disciplines to provide information to the many people and professions affected by the issue. Subjects range from the practical, medical, behavioural, sociological and theoretical, but the overall approach of the book is to be objective and integrative. Topics addressed include the genetic basis of aggression, the public image of aggressive dogs, bite statistics, risk factors, the forensics and surgical aspects of dog bites, international legal perspectives, court evidence, first aid treatment, zoonotic disease potential, behavioural rehabilitation options, risk to children and a consideration of why some dogs kill. All contributors are academic or long-standing professional experts in their field and represent a wide spread of international expertise.

The issue is an important one for pet owners, vets, animal shelters, and anyone who works with dogs, such as the police. This book is a valuable resource for them as well as for animal behaviourists, academic researchers, health professionals, dog breeders and handlers.

Please be advised that this book contains strong images of the subject matter that some readers may find distressing.

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1 review for Dog Bites: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

  1. Amy Marder, JAVMA

    ‘Dog Bites: A Multidisciplinary Approach is a much needed textbook that addresses the complicated subject of dog aggression and bites… Overall the book does a good job of compiling the information we think we know about dog bites into 1 place. It also debunks much of what were previously accepted truths about dog bites to humans… I recommend this book to veterinarians and animal behaviourists who work with dog trainers, people who work with animal shelters and animal control departments, academic researchers who study dog bites, and attorneys who represent dogs and dog bite victims.’

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