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Cleaner Fish Biology and Aquaculture Applications


Jim Treasurer (editor)

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Cleaner fish are increasingly being deployed in aquaculture as a means of biological control of parasitic sea lice, and consequently the farming of wrasse and lumpfish, the main cleaner fish species in current use in salmon farming, is now one of the fastest expanding aquaculture sectors with over 40 hatcheries in Norway alone.
Cleaner Fish Biology and Aquaculture Applications reviews and presents new knowledge on the biology of the utilised cleaner fish species, and provides protocols in cleaner fish rearing, deployment, health and welfare. The latest knowledge is presented on specialist technical areas such as cleaner fish nutrition, genetics, health, immunology and vaccinology, welfare, transport and fisheries. Specific chapters detail cleaner fish developments in the main salmon-producing countries.
Contributions from over 60 leading researchers and producers give an exciting mix of information and debate. The book comprehensively addresses the questions of sustainability of cleaner fish use in aquaculture, bottlenecks to the optimum production of cleaner fish, and improvements and best practice in on-farm deployment methods, for optimum survival and enhanced welfare of cleaner fish.
Some of the key features of this important book:
Provides a comprehensive review of the latest globally-available information on the use of cleaner fish under one cover
Highlights and addresses the main issues in the farming of cleaner fish, and provides guidance on how to improve growth and survival
Identifies issues in the farm application of cleaner fish and provides details on how to address these issues
Written by a team of internationally-recognised experts in cleaner fish biology, culture and deployment
Cleaner Fish Biology and Aquaculture Applications is an essential purchase for hatchery managers, salmonid producers, fish farm operatives, researchers, regulators, students and enthusiasts working with, and interested in, cleaner fish. Personnel within companies supplying equipment and services to the aquaculture industry, and libraries in all universities and research establishments where biological sciences and aquaculture are studied and taught should have copies of this landmark publication.

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1 review for Cleaner Fish Biology and Aquaculture Applications

  1. Dr Ralph Bickerdike, Fish Farmer

    There is a wealth of technical data… With the content being peer reviewed by recognised experts in the field, we can be assured as to the credibility of the detail, as well as oversight of the most recent published work… This book is expected to become a cornerstone aquaculture text for cleaner fish hatchery managers, farmed salmon producers, researchers, regulators, students and enthusiasts alike.

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