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Being a Vet in the 21st Century: The Job, The People, Their Future


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Paul D. Stevens

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And you thought that being a vet was easy. You thought vets were either good-looking and always on TV, or they were highly intelligent doctors who spent their days curing and cuddling puppies.
You thought being a vet was all about flat caps and off-road vehicles. Muddy boots and anxious, yet caring, looks over farm gates with strangely attractive young farmers.
These views are all correct – and wrong.

The world has changed (it always did) and we now recognise that Vetting is all about the people who are vets. The amazing folk who do the job and live the life.
Being a Vet in the 21st Century discovers what kind of people become vets and explores how vets cope with their highly specialised life choice.
Being a Vet in the 21st Century takes a special look at how vets are handling what is probably the biggest change the vet profession has ever experienced – the recent and explosive influence of consumerism and big-business o their everyday lives.

This book has been written for people who want to be vets. And it is for their mums – they should definitely read it. It’s for vet-students and it’s for new-vets who are just beginning.
And it’s for anyone else who just wants to know more about being a vet, their personalities and their happiness.

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