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Behavioural Problems in Rabbits: A Clinical Approach


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61 in stock

Guen Bradbury


Struggling with problem behaviour in rabbits can leave you frustrated, embarrassed, and feeling helpless. You’re not alone – over forty percent of the 1.5 million pet rabbits in the UK show behaviours that their owners wish they didn’t! The lives of these rabbits, and their owners, can be improved by tackling bad behaviours at the root.

Behavioural Problems in Rabbits: A Clinical Approach by rabbit behavioural expert Guen Bradbury, gives you the tools you need to address any unwanted behaviour in a rabbit under your care. Whether you are an owner, a veterinary surgeon or nurse, or if you rehome rabbits, this book will help you:

  • Understand what influences rabbit behaviour
  • Diagnose the cause of a specific problem behaviour
  • Learn the principles of modifying rabbit behaviour
  • Construct an achievable plan to change a specific behaviour
  • Review and refine the behaviour modification plan as needed




  1. Introduction
  2. What is the problem behaviour?
  3. Why is the problem behaviour occurring?
  4. How can I change behaviour?
  5. How can I resolve a specific behavioural problem?
  6. Conclusion

Appendix: Advice sheets

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ISBN 9781789180121
Product type PB
Publication date 07-Dec-18
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1 review for Behavioural Problems in Rabbits: A Clinical Approach

  1. Louise Ash, Veterinary Times

    ‘I think the author most certainly achieved what she set out to do, and more. It fits wonderfully in its field and, after reading it, I am more confident to conduct a behavioural consult for a rabbit… I would recommend this book to any veterinary professional seeing a lot of rabbits and for those wanting to familiarise themselves with husbandry and welfare.’

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