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Are Dogs the Right Pet for You: Can You Find the Facts?


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786 in stock

Emma Milne

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Dogs can be brilliant and entertaining pets but we shouldn’t forget that like all animals they too have their own needs.

For example, did you know that dogs are social animals like us which means they love to spend time with human and doggy friends? It might surprise you to learn that dogs don’t like being hugged and it’s important to know how dogs show you when they want some quiet time. If you think you might like a dog for a pet you need to find out what dogs love to eat, what they just love to do and what keeps them happy as well as healthy. You can find out by learning the facts in this book and taking on detective assignments to investigate their needs.

By going through your pet detective tasks and learning as you go you will find out if you and your family are the right owners for these special pets, then you’re ready to take care of a real one! Just as importantly, if you discover that you and a dog aren’t a perfect match you can get some pointers to other fabulous animals that might suit you better.

Emma Milne is a vet who has written several books about animals, their welfare and the ups and downs of life as a vet. She has been featured on BBC’s Vets in Practice and appeared in shows such as GMTV, Inside Out and Question Time. This is her fourth book in The Pet Detectives series, following Is a Cat the Right Pet for You?

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Publication date 12-Oct-16
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