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Applied Equine Psychology


Felicity George, Marie-Louise Holmes, Sharon Smith

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Applied Equine Psychology explores the inner workings of the horse, drawing parallels from human psychology and looking at what is going on in the horse’s brain leading to that behaviour.

This understanding is then applied to addressing outward behaviour issues, so that horse and owner can work together in a more horse-centric way to resolve issues. The book’s approach is innovative and challenges traditional thinking. It presents well-established ways of analysing the complex systems that create and maintain behaviours and ways of evaluating and implementing interventions, drawing from the field of clinical psychology. With a vast field of psychological models to choose from, the book explores why the equine industry views the emotional and behavioural functioning of equines almost exclusively through the behavioural lens. An alternative perspective, based on all the major school of psychological thought is suggested. An integrated, methodical, validated, and ethical approach to thinking about equine behaviour is addressed and invaluable clinical intervention models are explained.

Applied Equine Psychology is highly illustrated and combines research and the latest concepts with practical, readable advice.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Helping Andy and Apple: professional practice models
  3. Clinical psychology: the path to profession
  4. Equine behaviour consultancy: a parallel path?
  5. Trans-species psychology: mammalian brains and needs are more similar than different
  6. Equine mental well-being: setting the scene
  7. Equine mental well-being: assessing and improving
  8. Equine relationships: understanding attunement and attachment needs
  9. Trauma: how to work with trauma without working on trauma
  10. Practicing as an equine psychology specialist: ‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it’
  11. Conclusion

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