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Animals, Ethics and Us: A Veterinary’s View of Human-Animal Interactions


Madeleine Campbell


Everyone has a view about animal ethics. Each of us, for example, has an opinion about whether we should eat meat; whether animals should be used for scientific research, or whether the use of animals in sport is acceptable. But very few of us stop to wonder about the basis of our views, or to rationalise them. In this book, Madeleine Campbell aims to enable us to do so, by addressing a series of questions such as: When does animal use become abuse? Why do we treat some animals differently from others? Are there some things which we should never do to animals? And, just because we can, should we? Drawing on her experience as a Veterinarian; a European Diplomate in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law; a researcher and teacher, and a member of various industry ethical review bodies and of welfare and ethics committees for membership organisations and government, the author takes ethical argument beyond academia and applies it to the question which currently dominates societal debate about human-animal interactions: what (if anything) is a reasonable use of an animal?

Animals, Ethics, and Us offers a stripped back, balanced and moderate perspective, based on logical argument, philosophical principles and sound science. It is a thought-provoking read aimed at a broad readership including informed owners and animal enthusiasts, as well as useful a primer for students of animal ethics, welfare and veterinary medicine.



  1. How we think about animals
  2. Should different animals be treated differently?
  3. When does use become abuse?
  4. Are there some things we should never do to animals (Or: ‘The most ethically justifiable use of animals is in medical science’)
  5. Just because we can, should we?
  6. Human:animal interactions – exploitative or mutually beneficial?
  7. The mechanisms of animal ethics: How do we make a difference?

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