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Animal Welfare at Slaughter


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262 in stock

Antonio Velarde and Mohan Raj


The welfare of production animals at slaughter is a major veterinary concern with debate on questions such as the degree of stunning required, how sentient animals are of their surroundings, slaughterhouse conditions and how quickly animals lose consciousness after having their throats cut in religious slaughter practices.

This research monograph provides a thoroughly scientific evidence-based account of the physiology and behaviour of animals for slaughter, analysis of the different killing methods, legislation and operating procedures, lairage and movement, depopulation and handling.

Animal Welfare at Slaughter is mainly aimed at animal welfare officers and policy makers, veterinary and meat inspectors and slaughterhouse auditors. However, this is a reliable resource also for veterinary and animal science students and the informed public.

The Animal Welfare Series covers current topics in animal welfare, to further research and inform the scientific, policy-making and farming communities.

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ISBN 9781910455692
Product type HB
Publication date 19-Dec-16
Dimensions 240 × 170 mm

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  1. JAVMA Review

    ‘Overall this book provides excellent information and guidance. It will be a useful reference for anyone interested in welfare issues associated with animal slaughter.’ – Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

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