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Agri-environmental Management in Europe: Sustainable Challenges and Solutions – From Policy Interventions to Practical Farm Management



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Modern agriculture faces many challenges, most crucially food security and the need for sustainable farming systems. Decisions and actions in the agricultural sector come from government and stakeholder policies and on-farm decision-making. This comprehensive monograph provides a perspective on the current state of agri-environmental management in Europe from both a policy and practical perspective.

Some of the issues in agriculture discussed are climate change and air pollution, biodiversity, water use and quality, pesticides, pathogens, flooding and drought, energy resources, land use, soil composition, nutrients, livestock, cropping, habitat management and cultural considerations.

These important issues form the framework of the book, with each issue discussed in the context of its history, and asking the questions ‘why is it an issue’, ‘what is the current scientific understanding regarding it’ and ‘how has policy shaped it’. The book takes an integrated approach by not just examining these issues separately, but examining the whole system in which these problems are manifested. At the end, technologies and solutions which are currently being developed and could be used in the future are discussed and the horizon scanned for future environmental challenges.

Agri-environmental Management in Europe is an authoritative source for both undergraduate and post-graduate studies that consider the agri-environmental challenges society faces.

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