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Breeding Better Dogs – Authors Q&A

Nov 14, 2023 by Freelance

We have asked Dr. Cecere and Dr. Sponenberg a few questions about their new book Breeding Better Dogs: Genetics and Reproduction – below is the full interview: What was your inspiration for the book? We have been offering a series of annual “breeder excellence” seminars here at the vet college, and discovered a need as […]


Supporting Pet Owners Through Grief – Author Q&A

Oct 30, 2023 by Freelance

Ryane Englar’s latest book, Supporting Pet Owners through Grief, has just been released. It explores grief and its impact on the human-animal bond, providing practitioners and students alike with tools to navigate their own mix of emotions as they themselves experience and process recurrent grief. We have asked the author some questions to provide some […]


Canine Behaviour in Mind – interview with the editor Suzanne Rogers

Oct 3, 2022 by Freelance

To celebrate the launch of Canine Behaviour in Mind, we asked the editor Suzanne Rogers a few questions about the book. In the interview below, Suzanne discusses how the book is different from other dog behaviour books, the target audience, the benefits of the book and the current challenges in dog and animal welfare.   […]

Aquaculture Businesses

Mar 10, 2022 by Alessandro

To celebrate the second anniversary of Aquaculture Businesses we asked the author Carole Engle a few questions about the book. In the full interview below, Carole talks about her inspiration for the book, how climate change may affect aquaculture businesses and more.   What was your inspiration for the book? My inspiration for the book […]

To Vet School and Beyond

Dec 10, 2021 by Alessandro

Extract taken from To Vet School and Beyond by Lorna Clark, available through the links at the end of the post   To be a vet you need a specific qualification – a university degree in veterinary medicine which usually requires five years of study. That sounds like a long time, but there is a […]