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The Dog Care Handbook – Author interview on 106.9 SFM

Jun 18, 2024 by Alessandro

Do you want to know how to choose a puppy, how to ensure the health of your dog, or how to improve your relationship with your vet? The Dog Care Handbook‘s author, Christopher Little, talked about these and other things with Tony Weaver on 106.9 SFM. Listen to the full interview below! You may also […]

Applied Equine Psychology – The Art and Science of Helping Horses

Jun 14, 2024 by Alessandro

Over the last three decades, interest in equine behaviour has grown remarkably. This has generated a wealth of useful information and genuine advances in ethical approaches to both the training and care of equines. However it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the possibilities. So, which do we follow? How do we decide what […]

Veterinary ethical dilemmas

Apr 20, 2022 by Alessandro

As part of our recent ethical challenge run in April, we are now publishing the ethical dilemma faced by one of the participants plus a few extracts taken from Veterinary Ethics.   What is an ethical dilemma? Technically an ethical or moral dilemma occurs when there is a conflict between responsibilities or obligations of equal […]

Aquaculture Businesses

Mar 10, 2022 by Alessandro

To celebrate the second anniversary of Aquaculture Businesses we asked the author Carole Engle a few questions about the book. In the full interview below, Carole talks about her inspiration for the book, how climate change may affect aquaculture businesses and more.   What was your inspiration for the book? My inspiration for the book […]

To Vet School and Beyond

Dec 10, 2021 by Alessandro

Extract taken from To Vet School and Beyond by Lorna Clark, available through the links at the end of the post   To be a vet you need a specific qualification – a university degree in veterinary medicine which usually requires five years of study. That sounds like a long time, but there is a […]